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Whenever you see an event on a web page, in a text message, in a social media app or any kind of mobile app, you can now add it directly to your calendar with just a couple of taps on your screen.

EventLamp reads event details written in any format and using its Natural Language Processing engine (NLP), it automatically sets up a calendar event with an event name, start and end dates and times, a location and a description. All you need to do is…

1. Highlight some text in any webpage or another app containing event details and select “Lamp It!” from the menu.

2. Let EventLamp magically create the new event, edit it if you wish and tap “Add to Calendar”
There are four ways you can use EventLamp to create calendar events either by Hot Lamping where EventLamp starts automatically with your event already set up for you. Or by Cold Lamping whereby you start EventLamp yourself and tap a button to create events.

Hot Lamping

1. Highlight a block of text containing event details and tap “Lamp It!” (as described above)

Works with: All web pages, BBC Sports, and any apps that allow standard text selection.
2. Share a message or comment containing event details from an app to EventLamp

Works with: Google Messaging,

Cold Lamping

1. Copy the event details from an app, launch EventLamp, then tap Event from clipboard from the action button.

Works with: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Wikipedia, BBC News and any app that supports copying text to the Android clipboard.
2. Launch EventLamp, tap New Event from the action button and manually enter the event details.

Works with : Your fingers and thumbs.
Once the event has been created, you just need to tap “Add to Calendar” to add it to your favourite calendar or you can make changes to any of the details.

To make life easy, you can highlight pieces of text in the event’s description and copy directly to the event’s title or the event’s location by tapping Make Title or Make Place.

Feature List:

• Instant, intelligent conversion of natural language event descriptions into properly formatted calendar events.

• Event creation through event details highlighting in other apps (e.g. web pages).

• Event creation using other app’s “Share” functionality

• Single tap event creation from clipboard content

• Basic manual event creation

• Automatic event title insertion

• Automatic US and UK postcode location insertion

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