MicrowaveTime App

Converts the from the microwave timing given by food label instructions or recipes to the correct time for your microwave oven.
Helps to avoid setting your microwave for too short a time and under-cooking your food which can lead to food poisoning.
Also helps you avoid setting your timer for too long and thus burning your food.

How to use
1. Start the Microwave Time Calculator app
2. Enter the power of your microwave which is usually found on or just inside the door of your microwave
3. Enter the power shown on the cooking / heating instructions on the food packaging or the recipe.
4. Enter the timing given by food packaging or the recipe.

Once the information is entered the correct timing will display at the top of the app.

To clear the screen, tap the menu at the top / right and then tap Clear all values

For microwave recipes, tap the green “i” button on the bottom / right of the app and hit “GO” to take you to http://microwavemasterchef.com
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